In the production of equipment under the URBAN Monkeys brand, all metal parts of the structure undergo anti-corrosion treatment before painting.

We want the money you invest to benefit children for as long as possible!

We are pleased to announce that URBAN Monkeys is starting to cooperate with the manufacturer of water parks VORTEX and will represent their products in Ukraine!
Now we can offer you not only modern playgrounds, but also solutions for water games during hot summer days!
There are very cool solutions not only for water parks, but also for hotels, city parks and central areas of the city!

Sports grounds
Rope pyramids
Built-in trampolines
Play houses
Freestanding play equipment
Artificial turf
Sports grounds
Rope pyramids
Built-in trampolines
Play houses
Freestanding play equipment
Artificial turf

Sports grounds

Outdoor sports grounds for Workout

Outdoor sports grounds are a great alternative to gyms. By playing sports outdoors, you strengthen and toughen your body.

When modeling the line of sports equipment, we opted for a simple bolted fastening for elements with racks. This allows you to securely fix the equipment and keeps the cost of the products affordable. And this is very necessary for the Ukrainian market.

URBAN Monkeys produces high-quality sports equipment for stadiums, school and yard areas, as well as for private use.

HEXA product line

HEXA playgrounds are an exciting journey for explorers of uncharted space. Younger visitors have the opportunity to visit the modules of the space station, look at the space soil through the window and go down to the surface to conduct research.

Older visitors can test their physical fitness by overcoming the rope climbs between the modules and get acquainted with gravity through tunnel descents.

HEXA will become a magnet of modern play space and will provide children with interesting leisure for a long time.

VERTEX product line

VERTEX pipe and rope structures are a new and interesting type of equipment for children’s and playgrounds. Due to the different sizes, shapes and combinations with other types of equipment, you can create exclusive and extremely interesting options for playing and arranging the play space. Rope ladders, tunnel passages and slides can be easily combined with pipe and rope structures. This is a great type of equipment for outdoor play and sports.

The visual transparency of the structure allows you to leave the space of the playgrounds open, and parents can feel calm, keeping their children in sight.

Such equipment on a children’s or playground will help to develop fine motor skills, balancing, coordination and agility, as well as logical thinking and concentration. Children will definitely like it!

Pipe and rope structures are intended for children aged 6 and older.

Rope pyramids

A rope pyramid is an alternative to trees, which children like to use for vertical climbing. But in the case of a rope structure, safety comes first. Reliable support and strong ropes that intersect in different planes prevent falls from a great height and allow children to immerse themselves in a safe version of climbing.

Such equipment on a children’s or playground will help to develop fine motor skills, balancing, coordination and agility, as well as logical thinking and concentration. In addition, several children can be on the pyramid at the same time. Sitting next to each other and communicating, they can develop their social skills, teamwork skills, and also develop their imagination by inventing new scenarios for games. Reliable rubber seats can be installed for sitting on rope structures.

Rope pyramids can be combined with additional equipment: rope ladders, tunnel passages, tunnel slides, etc. This will allow you to create interesting complexes of play areas that will surely attract and interest little explorers of life.

Built-in outdoor trampolines

Built-in trampolines are outdoor elements that do not have a safety barrier, as they are mounted directly into the ground. They are safer than conventional trampolines due to the reduced fall height and cushioning around the perimeter.

Trampolines guarantee interesting and safe leisure for children from 4 years old and adults who do not exceed 130 kg.

Built-in trampolines can be of different shapes and sizes, which allows you to create “trampoline routes” taking into account the characteristics of the site. You can also combine trampolines with other elements of the play space. This allows you to diversify any playground and create interesting scenarios for the game.

An important advantage of the built-in trampolines produced by URBAN Monkeys is the type of lamella that creates a jumping surface with small gaps. This prevents debris or dirt from getting under the trampoline and reduces the frequency of maintenance.

Children love to jump and we can give them the opportunity to jump in a fun and safe way!

Play houses

The new line of playhouses from URBAN Monkeys contains many activities in a compact size.
This line consists of two developments for children aged 6 months to 2 years and 2 to 5 years respectively.

While older children will be going down the slide, looking through the porthole or climbing on the climbing ropes, younger children will be able to invite guests to the table and prepare toy goodies for them in the children’s kitchen. You can also have fun at the graphite board, drawing different shapes or making faces at the safe mirror.

This line of playhouses helps to cover several critical periods of childhood development, making it an ideal solution for child development centers, early learning centers, playgrounds and schools.


Interesting carousels can become a highlight of any play space. This is a great type of equipment for outdoor play and sports. They help develop fine motor skills, coordination and dexterity, and balance.

URBAN Monkeys offers rope carousels with a solid base made of laminated moisture-resistant plywood or rubber crumb.

The rotating mechanism of the carousel is durable, resistant to wear and tear, and closed against the effects of the external environment.

Upon individual order, we can make the metal part of the carousel from stainless steel.

The carousel is an element that can be used by several children at the same time. This is very important for public areas where there can be a large number of children and everyone needs to be provided with a place for interesting leisure.

Freestanding play equipment

URBAN Monkeys has a wide range of free-standing play equipment:

– swings with hanging seats
– swings – balancers
– carousels
– slides
– sandboxes
and much more

All equipment is manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN1176.

Wide range of swing seats

Like the playground equipment itself, swing seats must also comply with safety standards according to EN1176:
– suspensions must not be rigid,
– seats must not be slippery,
– the seat must pass special tests according to the “Method for determining the impact strength of swing seats”.

Therefore, we do not reinvent the wheel, but independently import seats and other components that are TUV certified and comply with EN1176.

Available seat types:
– conventional rubber seats,
– cradle seats for children,
– Nest type seats,
– parent-child seats,
– flexible seats for private use,
– booster seats for private use.

Coatings for platforms

Artificial grass for playgrounds and sports grounds from the Dutch manufacturer Edel Grass

Edel Grass has more than 35 years of experience in the artificial grass and sports field market. As an experienced player from the very beginning, we offer the market high-quality systems for both sports and leisure. Our artificial grass fields for hockey, tennis and football meet the most stringent playing requirements.
Together with Edel Grass, we offer innovative and modern system solutions, creating an environment that nurtures talent and helps to achieve the highest results effortlessly!

Seamless EPDM coating

Seamless EPDM coating (rubber-polyurethane coating) is widely used as a safe and durable coating for sports and children’s playgrounds. It is laid on a prepared cement concrete or asphalt concrete surface and can take on any required shape.

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