New playgrounds for Euroholding developer in Lutsk

We are pleased to announce that the playgrounds for the reliable developer Euroholding have been completed for the Dreamtown and Kyiv Sky residential complexes. Swings, slides, and rope structures are waiting for their young users.


Bright playground for the residential complex Oakland by Riel

Now a bright playground has appeared at the Oakland housing estate. Modern playground equipment made of metal, stainless steel and HDPE plastics will reliably serve children’s leisure time


Space playground for the residential complex Club Town 12 by VAMBUD

In these pre-Christmas days, we would like to share bright photos of our project with the space line of HEXA products, which we installed for a very cozy residential complex Club Town 12 by VAMBUD. The kids will be delighted!


Bright colors for the Metropolis-2 residential complex by Concept Group

A striking project for the Metropolis-2 residential complex by Concept Development Group has been completed. In spite of everything, URBAN Monkeys is completing its construction projects. We are confident that our playground will bring a lot of joy to the children in Metropolia-2!


A KIDS school was opened in Kyiv in the Rybalsky residential complex.

We have completed one of our most interesting projects for Rybalsky by SAGA Development and their anchor residents, the KMDS. Education for the creators of the world and the SENSE KIDS kindergarten, which was launched back in 2021. Everything was worked out to the smallest detail by the Kotsiuba Landscape Architecture Studio, and URBAN Monkeys brought to life all the developments of the designers and the Client.
Pay attention to the non-trivial mixes of rubber coating in the playground and sports grounds!


The largest project in Kyiv for the residential complex Varshavsky by Stolitsa Group!

The day before the war with Russia started, we started the installation of our largest playground project for 2021 for the Warsaw Residential Complex by Stolitsa Group in Kyiv. We did a lot in one day and were looking forward to the end of the installation to see how cool this modern project would look. Unfortunately, on the morning of 24.02.22, after the explosions, we had to leave everything behind and return to our families. We believe that all this will be over soon and we will start rebuilding our country.
This project will be one of the best in Kyiv! And children will finally be busy playing, not hiding in basements, and will be able to switch off and forget about these terrible events!
We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Everything will be Ukraine!
We will update the photo after the end!


The first URBAN Monkeys venue in Lviv!

We are sharing new photos from our first playground in Lviv for NOVI BUD Company at 82 Povidrana Street.
The playground has trampolines with lamellas that glow when you jump.
Children will love it!


Paradise Avenue RC got a new playground!

We are pleased to present a new playground by
URBAN Monkeys in Kyiv for the Paradise Avenue residential complex by ZIM Group.
We installed swings, houses, rope structures for climbing and slides
And the highlight of the playground was a real pirate observation tower. Now you can feel the adventurous spirit in the courtyard of the high-rise building


Yarovytsia Residential Complex with a new playground!

URBAN Monkeys installed a modern playground for the Yarovytsia residential complex. On it, kids will be able to feel like conquerors of the peaks climbing on the VERTEX pipe and cable structure and work behind the excavator in a huge sandbox. And of course, we couldn’t do without trampolines, which are so desirable for all children))


In our native Lutsk, the Youth Urban Park was opened!

The park is divided into 3 zones: a playground, a workout zone, and a skatepark by Right Park.
The playground contains geoplastics to make it more interesting for children to run around, built-in trampolines, swings and a VERTEX rope climbing structure.
We thank the deputies of the
“For the Future” party and especially our mayor Ihor Polishchuk. We are very glad to have joined in to make our hometown better! URBAN Monkeys


Playground and sports grounds for the private YEARS School completed

Fall is the time to harvest 🙂 So we are harvesting our projects that we have been working on this summer and are happy to share them with you.
Another project is ready – a playground for the private school “YEARS” in Lutsk.
The URBAN Monkeys company has made:
– Geoplastics
– Rubber coating
– Installed equipment for children’s and sports grounds
Thank you Years School for your trust and cooperation!


The first project in Kyiv for San Francisco Residential Complex by SAGA Development

URBAN Monkeys have implemented the first project in Kyiv for the San Francisco residential complex by SAGA Development.
Children will be able to have fun jumping on the built-in trampolines and running between the wooden poles built into the hills. There will also be fun for both kids and older children who will be able to balance on the rope bridge and climb the rope pyramid.
And of course, the playground is covered with a safe rubber coating with transitions from different colors of EPDM crumbs.


Another project completed in Zhytomyr for the residential complex "Premium Park"

URBAN Monkeys worked on a site with a large slope, which complicated the task, but we successfully coped with it and adapted the project and equipment to the existing site
As a result, we have:
1. Geoplastics of the site with slides and tunnels built into the hills.
2. VERTEX construction for climbing.
3. Play equipment: rope carousel, spinner, trampolines, swings, balancer and cartoon houses.
4. Safe rubber coating.


The first project was completed in м. Lutsk with ground trampolines!

The URBAN Monkeys team has completed a cool project for the modern developer Family Fortress.
In a small area, we were able to equip a sports ground, swings with different types of seats, an area with the first ground trampolines in Lutsk, and also made geoplasticization of the territory with a slide, a tunnel, a rope pyramid and a safe rubber coating.
Children are delighted with such modern solutions for the play space!


We have completed the project of a cool playground with cartoon houses!

URBAN Monkeys created a wonderful playground with a new atypical line of equipment for the Barcelona residential complex in Kovel. The playground has a kitchen with a table where kids can treat their friends with toy goodies. There is also a drawing board, a safe mirror and a porthole with which children will come up with interesting ways to play!



Today URBAN Monkeys and
NGO “CITY DEVELOPMENT FUND” signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

Only in a good partnership will we make our cities smarter, more interesting and safer!

Any questions?

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